Fried rice, with a healthier twist.

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O.K. I know everyone has a recipe for fried rice.  Who doesn’t like fried rice?  It’s endlessly variable, and almost always delicious.

This is one of my stand-by recipes.  I make it almost every week, usually by request!  So why is that?  It was definitely one of the first things that I knew would be safely dairy free by its very nature, so I wouldn’t have to try to adapt a thing.  It’s also really fast to make.  I’ve used whole grains and rather than frying for a long time in a lot of oil, this is pretty light.  And it’s yummy.

So how do I make mine?

Gather the ingredients

1 Carrot

1 bunch of scallions

1 white bell pepper

hand full of parsley

3/4 c. thawed lima beans

frozen edamame in the shell

Some chili garlic sauce (or other Asian hot sauce of your choice)

Soy sauce

Oh, and of course rice.  This is cooked medium grain brown rice (about 1 cup dried, 2 cups cooked).  Did I say brown rice?  Oh, yes I did.  I love the nuttiness of brown rice in this dish.  It may not be as “sinful” but it tastes fab with the spice.


Chop up your veggies.

Put a wok (or a large skillet, if you don’t have a wok) over med. high heat.


Add a touch of toasted sesame oil and about 1 T. of canola or other mild oil to the hot pan.


Throw the carrot, scallions, pepper and lima beans into the hot pan.

Stir fry for about 3 minutes, until the carrots begin to just soften.


Add cooked rice and 1-2 T. of soy sauce.

Stir fry for 3-5 minutes.  If you have a regular pan (not non-stick), the rice will stick to the pan a bit, so keep scraping the pan.  This leads to some very yummy bits.


Add chili garlic sauce to taste.  I added about 2 T. and it was hot, but not unbearably.  If you don’t like heat, skip it.  Like your mouth to burn for a few hours after dinner? Go nuts with it.

Stir for about 30 seconds to incorporate.


Turn heat off.

Stir in parsley.  Cilantro would also be really nice here.  Fresh herbs will wake up the stir fry any time.

Steamed edamame

Meanwhile, cook edamame according to package directions and drain under cold water.

Complete meal

Eat and enjoy!

Now, if you don’t want this to be completely vegan:

Before adding the hot sauce, you can push everything to one side and scramble one or two eggs into this.

Before adding the rice and soy sauce, you can add some cooked meat cut into small, bit-sized pieces.

The possibilities are almost limitless.

You can also add some steamed dumplings, if you live with an “appetizer-crazy” man like I do.  If you ask him: “If a meal isn’t served with some sort of side or with some bread slices, it ain’t a meal.”


Something like this, perhaps.  These happen to be vegan, but that was a bit of an accident.  They also have a bit of MSG, but they are really good.  And a little goes a long way, so this package has lasted quite a while.

Complete meal with dumplingsYou’ll get a lovely, full meal out of this.  It only takes a couple of minutes, and it might just be a staple in your house, too!

Serves 2:

1 Carrot, diced.

1 bunch of scallions, chopped.

1 white bell pepper, medium dice.

hand full of parsley, minced.

3/4 c. thawed lima beans

frozen edamame in the shell

Some chili garlic sauce (or other Asian hot sauce of your choice)

Soy sauce

About 1 cup dried, 2 cups cooked brown rice

Stir fry vegetables and lima beans over medium high heat for 3 minutes, or until beginning to soften.

Add rice and 1-2 T soy sauce.  Stir fry for 3-5 minutes.

Add 2 T (or to taste) of chili garlic sauce.  Stir fry 30 seconds.

Turn off heat and add parsley. Stir to incorporate.

Meanwhile, cook edamame according to package directions.  Serve on the side of the fried rice.


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